At night I allow myself..

I have so much time at night to think.  Here, it is quiet, in the distance the sound of a train whistle blows as it heads towards all places east.  This is my time to think of you my Harley-Rider.
You with your beautiful blue eyes and your way of speaking to me.  I think sometimes, do you really know my name?  I know you do, though I wouldn't change the way you call me "woman".
Yes at night is the time I allow myself to feel you close to me even though we are thousands of miles apart.  At night I allow myself to think how good it would feel holding you close, kissing your very sensous lips..
I can lose myself in thought, let my imagination run free at night, when the world is asleep.  At night while people pull the covers up, find the comfy spot on their pillows.. At night while people dream their dreams..  I allow myself, to love you.

The End

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