Of mischieve and other naugthy things...

Today it is christmas day and i recall the amount of times i tried my mother`s patient !

I guess like every other child around the world the mistique of christmas is appealing in its one way, so we eagerly want to stay awake in order not to miss a single detail of this special day...

It is not all about presents (but as we all know when you are a child , it is all about presents), as it is about the fact that  this was the night before Christ was born and  i wanted to stay up because grown people were allowed to do it and i was always in a rush to be older, how fool of me , i know now.

Time is a precious as life itself, use wisely, but less be honest here you will not know the importance of it until it is gone, and then you aren`t abble to get it back once use twice wasted.

Of the naughty things i have done, one i recall well ..

It happen on Christmas Eve and i was the center angel at the nativity play in the church.

Well how do i put this because the nativity play was all done with real people so were the props, and by that i mean the live animals present at the birth of the baby Jesus, trust me when i say anyone with a bit of common sense would have seen the outcame of bringing roasters into church to be presented at the altar, before the Child !

Well so we have a baby , live roasters and  me, caos if you ask me, but no one did so lets tell the outcame.

This little person in charge of carring the animal approached  the altar with some dread, and then it happen.

The way the child was carring the roaster was all wrong.By the feet instead of having his hands on each side of its wings, so we have a flying roaster going strait to the altar, oh yes , this was no ordinary bird, it landed on top of the altar ,walked thru the holy wine cause such a commotion that it woke the baby Jesus, and that is when i lost it, thru the window was this idea of poise and grace and with absolute joy i started to laugh, and once i started well, lets put it this way, no person in the church remain quite, mother was not impressed...

So this is my story of how night times can create the most memorable memories, on christmas day, well to be honest to a time frame, christmas eve..

The End

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