Contemplating the Dandelions

There are many sleepless nights for me, an insomniac.  Of course I get most of my twisted stories then.  Sometimes though I love to just contemplate, I love the word contemplate.  For clarification, I contemplate the Dandelions.  They are so sweet, I can just watch them all day, they spend the night with me quite often.
There are two males and two female Dandelions.  Sometimes I make them food, sometimes I read to them.  They love my house, my easy chair, my yard. 
They listen to my stories before falling asleep.  Then I sit and watch them, wondering what life would be like without them.  I pour juice and turn the television to a movie.  The Dandelions snore softly.
I kiss each one at daybreak, it's time for me to sleep.. And they hug me and say "Sleep well Grandma" lol..

The End

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