Moonlit mischief

I'm a  bit mischievous sometimes. Nothing mean, malicious or illegal, mind you. However, painting a poodle pink probably comes close in there somewhere. I kind of regret that, actually. The little twit just got yappier.

some mischievous things a person could do:

Do some gardening with a flash light and a shovel in a grave yard in the middle of the night. While you're gardening, plant a battery powered rubber hand under the most convenient bush. When someone walks past it's motion sensor, it reaches out and grabs their ankle. That aught to be worth a chuckle.

Go around the neighbourhood and switch the clothes on people's clothes lines. Put neon purple thong underwear on the clothes of a middle aged bachelor that lives alone.

Hang a a t-shirt with shot gun holes and fake blood on the clothes line of a judge. That should be fun to explain.

paint happy faces on all the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch.

The End

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