fun impossibilities

I've often thought about doing things that are impossible for me because I'm not a super person.

For instance, if I could fly just like a bird without machines or hang gliders, the first thing I would do is paint a huge happy face on one of Ottawa's big water towers.

I would fly up to my neighbour's second story bedroom window and make faces

while I'm talking about impossiblities, I might just as well wish myself a pair of fine feathered angel wings. I would fly to the Notre Dame cathedral in Montreal, and fly around just above the priest's head during high mass.

I would perch on the wing of  a 747 in full  flight, and knock  on windows, from the outside. Since I would have to be wearing a Scott air pack for oxygen, the people on the inside would see me as something straight out of the Twilight zone.

I would do all this mischef making in the middle of the night under a full moon. Things are so much more creepy fun under a full moon than a bright sun.

The End

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