The Night Owl Club

Things to do when every one else in the world is asleep. Obviously the activities are determined by the season. You're not going to steal strawberries in January, at least not in Canada. However, if your neighbour owns a green house....

Steal strawberries from your neighbour's garden.

walk in the moonlight

throw rocks at the moon

throw baseballs at the moon

Throw old dead fallen apart scarecrows at the moon.

throw snowballs at the moon (in season)

bay at the moon.

swim naked in the river.

swim naked in a local quarry

walk naked in the moonlight

lay on your back in a meadow and look at the moon (naked)

walk around town playing "Reveille" on a bugle at 3:00 in the morning.

Run away and hide very fast

read stories and write all night on the Protagonize site

The End

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