The Night HarbourMature

Jake woke up not with a start but slowly and in a mellow mood. He had just had the most amazing dream and he intended to keep it in his head for as long as he could. He remembered the beautiful blonde, the taste of her lips, the feel of her skin. She was gorgeous.

            She must have been a girl from work, Jake recognized her but he couldn’t remember where from exactly. Her face was so familiar, and he had often had sexual dreams about women from work or wherever before.

            But this one seemed important, and special. There was a special connection, for some reason he could feel it. He looked down and saw that his manhood felt the connection as well as it tented out from the bed. Jake laughed and flung the sheets off stretching and preparing for the new day ahead.

            As he walked sleepily into the kitchen, he still felt groggy. He mechanically flipped on the coffee maker and then went back upstairs to jump in the shower and refresh himself as well as relieve.

            Thirty minutes later saw him bright eyed, bushy-tailed, and flaccid. He wrapped a towel around his waist and looked into the bathroom mirror.

            He wasn’t a bad looking guy, mid-twenties with a slight shadow of stubble. Strong chin and cheek bones and a very prominent nose which resembled somewhat of a small ski slope but still matched his face well.

            He was slightly balding from the front but that gave him a very older and more refined look of a man who was well aged. His body, while not muscular, was slim and trimmed down. He ate right but never visited a gym as he didn’t believe in wasting his money. All in all he figured he was a good looking guy and this was proven in his ability to pick up women so easily.

            He smiled as he slapped some aftershave on his cheeks and then headed back downstairs towel in tow around his waist still.

            Jake, like most Americans, was a coffee lover, and he smiled widely as the fresh brewed smell hit him like the heavenly aroma of Aphrodite herself. Pouring himself a large cup he opened the back door to his small home and retrieved the morning paper, that the wonderful paperboy without fail left center square on his back stoop every morning.

            He frowned for the first time as he read the headline.

            ‘Police Still Baffled in New Series of Murders’, the headline announced.

            Jake was familiar with this series of news. There was reportedly a serial killer on the loose who preferred blonde slim women. He had killed thirty so far and the police had been unable to track him down as he had not left a shred of evidence behind at any of the scenes where they had found the dead women. All the women had been in the mid twenties, attractive, and supposedly single.

             They were all in the New England area, but Jake didn’t recognize a single one of them. It wasn’t as though it was a small area.

            Jake sipped his black coffee deep in thought. His father was a retired cop, but was always attempting to assist in these investigations still. He was pushing sixty five and he had already had a hip replaced.

            Jake knew that he was going to have to stop by his parents place after work and talk to his dad again, to talk him down from trying to solve this latest murder. He sighed and rolled his eyes at this thought.

            Throwing the paper down on the table he quickly poured some cereal and milk together and flipped over to the funny pages as he crunched down breakfast.

            After downing three cups of coffee he headed upstairs, changed into his work clothes, which involved a shirt and tie and then headed back downstairs and out the door.

            The morning air was still a little crisp even though the sun had risen. He took a deep breath and that smile came back again as he found it was going to be another beautiful day. He walked to his car, climbed inside, revved the engine and he was off to work. It was the same day, everyday in the last 5 years of his life.

The End

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