Karen took us to the museum today. Me, Kaeden, Kyle, Kia, and Sarah all piled into her car. I was silent the entire trip, my music blasting in my ears. The you get ones were all excited, but me? I was remembering the last time I had gone. With Dad.

Sarah looked bored. I didn't blame her. The museum had lost its wonder on me too.

We parked and walked into the large white building. Karen asked me to take my headphones off, but I ignored her. Sh just shook her head and have up asking, knowing she wouldn't win.

After buying our tickets, we found a map and marked all the places the kids wanted to see. Sarah and I were just along for the ride.

I was mostly ignored, but I was fine with that. I just quietly hummed along to my music, not paying attention to anything but where Karwn was walking. But when we got to the Mummy exhibit, I could barely choke down my tears. This had been Dad's favorite.

I told Karen that I had to go. Seeing the look in my eyes, she nodded and gave me the keys to her car. I ran outside, not caring about stupid rules. I was never going back anyways.

I unlocked the car and sat in the passenger seat until they were finished, trying to control my tears.

The End

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