I unplugged the headphones of my iPod out of my ears and lowered the PSP I held in my hand, I looked around me and took in my surroundings, I could here my social worker Tom humming along to some awful tune from whatever fm it was probably something for single old men! I looked outside the car window and saw that we was a few streets away from Dane road. I stole a glance at the mirror and felt Tom's eyes meet mine, "Y'alright, Alex you look a bit peaky?" he said with a worried look on his face, the wrinkles under is eyes creasing as he frowned, "You sure you wanna do this, what with your Mum and all?"

I smiled at him and nodded being sure to quickly go back to the world of thrash metal, iPod touch and Call Of Duty, I pushed the earplugs into my ears and looked down at the screen of my PSP, "You have died" It repeated over and over in flashing red letters, I clicked the off button and slid it back into my pocket, I could see Tom's mouth moving and his face getting more and more concerned as he saw that I wasn't listening, with one hand on the wheel he reached behind him and tugged out the left earplug, "You listening to me?" he said in a frustrated tone,I smirked and said "Yeah course I was!" I knew what he was gonna say next and I had the exactly right answer for it "Then what did I say?"he asked in an annoyed tone as he turned the corner onto the road my house was on,"You said, you listening to me?" I laughed out, he waggled his finger at me and smiled at me, the news came on and said "We interrupt this program with some breaking news, on Stanley Road North, there has been a terrible crash and so travellers will not be able to use the road for the foreseeable future. Now over to you Ken at the scene" It cut to the voice of a man shouting over the voices, of the police, ambulance man/women and the gasps of passersby, "Well Rudy it looks like the man may not survive this he has been found unconcious at the scene of the accident and looking at the scene I think that his family are going to be devastated at the thought of losing him and when the look at the pictures they are going to be traumatised for life-" It stopped in mid-sentance as Tom turned off the radio and looked at me "Are you O.K Alex?" he asked in a shaky voice, I gulped, nodded and said "Yeah never better!" I hadn't noticed but Tom had stopped the car outside 104 Dane Road and we now sat in silence. "Well, I suppose you better get in there then, I'll give you a minute." He said as he opened the car door and got out, I heard the scrape of gravel as he walked around to the boot and pulled out my suitcase, I leant over to the door and pulled my body out. I slammed it behind me and walked over to the front door which homed me and my family, Tom told me to knock as he locked the car door and carried the heavy suitcase in his arms.

I rapped my knuckles on the door and heard the lock being pulled open on the other side.


I unpacked my clothes out of the now half empty case and shoved them in the chest of drawers in my bedroom, I stroked the dogs head sat next to me and watched as it started licking my hand, Bella was the only thing that hadn't changed around here since I'd been away! I heard the squeak of a chair being scraped across the kitchen floor as my social worker stood up and prepared to leave, I could hear every word they had spoken from above the kitchen in my room. I shoved the last of clothes into my wardrobe knowing thst my mum would put them on hangers later, I skipped over to the door and pulled it open and quickly closed it trapping Bella in my room, I know it's mean, but? I'm protective over her! I went to start walking downstairs when I heard the computer in the office booting up, so I walked to the door and pushed it aside, I saw the head of mum's boyfriend Liam protruding above it, "Hey Liam!"

"Oh, heya Alex how you doing?" He said in a friendly tone.

"You, know I'm feeling O.K at the mo!" I said smiling back at his face. I pulled the door to and continued my walk doing the stairs thinking, what was he doing in my Dad's office? Did he live here now? I walked through the kitchen door and saw Tom prepraring to leave, "Bye, Tom!"

"Seeya Alex, I'll be back next week to check up on you's, K?" I nodded along with what he said, "Remember kid be good, yeah? No more fighting and whatever!?" I grinned at him as he walked out into the hallway  and my Mum followed him as the doorbell rang, the door opened and I heard Tom walk out to his car as a female squeak entered the hallway, "So, is he in the kitchen? If you can't cope you know where I am!" She laughed as she turned into the kitchen and headed straight for me arms wide open ready for a hug.

Great Karen was here.

I thought she didn't like me anymore?

The End

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