The NightmareMature

I pulled myself out of my nightmare and sat up on my bed. I pulled one hand back through my thick, black, messy hair wich was now lathered with my sweat. In my head I kept going over and over my nightmare. Dad's crash. I could just imagine him screaming as his car went swerving into the barriers and the blood flowing out-right, Alex, pull yourself together, people die every day, your dad was just another person. But, he was my Dad right? God, I need to stop talking to myself like that I'm gonna start going mental soon! And, anyway, it was three years ago! God, just shut up! I jumped out of bed and looked around the room I'd be moving out of in a few hours, I was meant to be here for three weeks I ended yup staying eight. I walked over to the chest of draws and pulled out my favourite clothes, my blue shirt, white t-shirt, and cream chino's, I rolled my sleeves up and reached over my white Converse high-tops which were now more black and muddy than anything. I sauntered out of my room and opened the door to the bathroom, I started stripping off my clothes when I felt something fall out of my pocket, it was a crumpled piece of paper with writing on the back. I unfolded it and read the two words, My Dad. I turned it over and stared into the piercing blue eyes of my father. It made me remember him all over again and I kicked the door in frustration, it left a little dent in the cheap cardboard bathroom door. I smiled to myself remembering that no-one can tell, me off I'm leaving today, leaving forever, back to MY house, to sleep in MY bed, in MY room, I thought as I clambered, naked into the shower. I felt the hot water run over my body and I kept smiling to myself as knocking began to sound on the door, "You better friggin hurry up, Alex!" Sapphire screamed through the door," I'm gonna pee my pants out here!"

"Saph, you don't wear pants! You wear skirts!"I laughed back to her, she was the only real friend I had made in these eight weeks i'd been here! Though she hardly compared to Matty and Daniel...And she was a girl...


I pulled my converse over my foot and pushed open the bathroom door, "You can go toilet now Saph!" She screamed in frustration and ran in pushing the now shut, thus making me collapse into a heap outside of the bathroom! "Someone used up all the bog roll!" She shouted, I lauged and ran off to the laundry room and through my stuff in a pile on the floor. I walked out and into the kitchen only to see my social worker stood talking to Stew (AKA fail of a careworker), my social worker looked up and smiled, "You ready to go Alex? I'll drop you off at your Mum's 'cos Karen doesn't want you there till she knows she can trust her, but your Mum is a bit on the touchy side at the moment."

" Yeah, I'm ready, I've already packed, I did it last night!" I replied to his question, "Mum's always a bit touchy." I said and walked off to get my suitcase, I noticed the house was quiet and looked at the pile of bangles and bracelets on my left arm and managing to locate the only watch I owned saw that it was quarter to one. I looked at the rota on the notice board as I walked up the stairs and saw that everyone had gone swimming, good, it was only me and Saph here at least it wouldn't be a soppy farewell, everyone new Millie had a thing for me.

I reached my bedroom door and walked in only to find Sapphire sat there with a card in her hand, "Hey, Alex I got you a card," she said handing it to me and standing up, "But there is one more thing I wanna tell you before you leave forever, Alex I think I love you!"

I looked at her with the most gormless expression I could muster up, "Saph, I like you an all but really, I have a girlfriend!" She looked at me for a while and we stood in silence for a minute or two, and then she ran off tears streaming down her face. And I was the one who didn't want a soppy reunion! Great another person I've traumatised for life. I really need to stop doing that I thought as I dragged my suitcase out of my room and into the hallway, I attempted to pull it down the stairs but that ended up with me half falling down and the suitcase rolling downwards and crashing into the wall, I heard the squeak of trainers on the kitchen floor as my social worker and Stew ran to see what was going in, I looked at my social worker and said "Sorry, it fell!" I heard Saph crying and shrugged my shoulders in an apolegetic way, they clearly couldn't hear her, "Come on then ratbag!" my social worker stated, "Oh yeah, look what that's coming from Tom!"I laughed as I walked down the stairs and out of the front door,"I'll just get in the car then!" I said as I realised he didn't get my humour, "Yeah I think you should!"Tom siad with a a worried expression on his face, "Your going home Alex, your going home!"

The End

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