The CrashMature

I leave work in a rush, hoping to get home before the kids are done with school. Turning the radio on full blast, I sing along to Alex's favorite song. My kids are my life, and I have something special for them today. I smile at the wriggling puppy in the passenger seat. The kids will love her, I'm sure.

In my rear row mirror I see a guy slam on his breaks. Too late, I notice the bridge coming at me. I hear a scream that I think might be me. The only thought I have as I fly off the bridge is that I hope the puppy survives.


I rush to the front door, knowing it must be dad. He's never this late, so there must be a special surprise waiting for us. As I open the door, I see al flash of blue. No. It can't be.

The officer asks to speak to my mother, and I calmly let him in and run up to my mother's room. She comes down the stairs, humming a happy song. Her face falls when she she's the officer. He tells us that our father has died in a car crash.

I shake my head. It can't be. Grabbing my coat, I run to the bridge the officer had mentioned. Seeing all the blood, I start to cry. After what feels like ages, I feel a soft nose nudge my hand. Seeing the blood on her coat, I know that Dad was bringing her home for us. Burying my head in her bloody coat, I continue to cry until my mother finds me.

The End

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