The night Dad diedMature

Sorta something that will never end cos I dont want it to. Bout this kid whos dad died. Nuff said


Name: Alex Hinchecliffe

Age: 14

Looks: Super hot! (just imagine the fittest guy you know xbieber) oh he has green eyes cos I love them

Personality: tries to do is best and help everyone out but it always ends up going wrong, but he doesn't care he is quite badly behaved and speaks before thinking, inside he doesn't want to be a bad kid he wants to make his mum and Karen proud!

Name: Kaeden Hinchcliffe, Kyle Hinchecliffe

Age: 11 and 7

Looks: Not as fit as brother but still hot both have shaved heads, Kyle is a kid but got cute features (in a aw a cute kid way)

Personality: Both still coming to terms with their mum drinking, dad dying and brother being put in care

Name: Kia Hinchecliffe

Age: 9

Looks: Black hair tyed back ,Small cute for a kid

Personalit: Same as Brothers

Name: Sarah Griffin (step sister)

Age: 16

Looks: Chavvy, average looking nice eyes

Personality: Doesn't want to share her Dad with her Step-Mums kids

Name: Hannah Hinchecliffe


Looks: Chavvy, makeup doesnt want to get older

Personality: Still mourning the loss of her husband and the fact Alex got took away and she only just got him back

There is also, Alex's Dad, Karen, Step-Dad and Karens husband and daughter bvut their not really that involved

The End

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