The Night Before Solstice

This is meant to be a precursor to a story that I wish to write about. I'm going to write the precursor first so people can critique my work.

"One-Thirty AM, at the base of Donner. As soon as you arrive, all will be revealed," spoke a rather pudgy man in green, woolen garb. He was standing in what appeared to be the great hall of a magnificent castle, but the walls, floor, and ceiling were all made of solid ice, "My boss expects you to keep your end of the bargain... your highness." Sitting in the frigid throne opposite this messenger was what appeared to be a man. However, this man had the appearance of one who was frostbitten. His nose, ears, hair, and even his lips were nonexistant. Instead, they were glazed over with a thick sheet of ice as if his very body was frozen solid.

The man in the throne, appearing as little more than a frozen corpse, nodded his head in acknowledgement to the one in green and spoke in a chill, raspy voice, "Very well. If your master provides me with the information I seek, I shall grant him citizenship within my realm." Only but a second after speaking these words, another man approached casually from behind the throne. He looked to be no older than nineteen. As he knelt down to eye level with the frozen man at the side of his throne, he was whispered to in an almost deathly quiet voice before responding, "It shall be done, my lord."

The younger gentleman, donning a black silk hat, a white tuxedo, and powder blue cape, approached the man in green and explained his lord's intent, "Tell your master that, due to reasons of national security, The Miser of Snow shall not be present to meet with him. However I, Snowborg 'Frost' Class: Designation 'Ten Below', shall attend in my lord's stead."

The man in green appeared quite apprehensive at first. His duty was to bring the Miser of Snow personally to meet with his master. Unfortunately, there was a slight change of plans. Nodding to the snowborg and respectfully bowing to the Miser of Snow, he swiftly departed the main hall and exited through the main gate, a pair of identical snowborgs opening and closing the gates for him. As he walked off the premises, he was greeted with the sight that was Galacia, the Realm of Winter. There was not a single inch of land that was not covered in snow or ice of some sort.

It was half-past two, and the man in green needed to report in to his boss. Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed hold of a black box. He opened the black box to reveal a series of buttons and knobs. To get a hold of his boss, he pressed the number one, the number three, and the number seven, then turning the left-center knob 65 degrees clockwise before pressing a red button in the center. With this, the interior of the top part of the box began to flicker and an image of a mysterious cloaked man appeared on-screen, "Has the deal been made, Meisterburger?"

Meisterburger gulped and nodded, worried about what his boss might do to him when he gives less than satisfactory news, "W-well, uhh... you see, the Miser of Snow was being way too protective of himself, so he's sending one of his snowborg lackeys in to fetch the info for him..." The cloaked man on the other line was silent for a few seconds before responding, "Other than the appearance of a human, snowborgs are nothing more than lumps of snow and metal operated purely by magic and machinery. This changes our plans not. Return to Donner for your next assignment posthaste, Burgermeister."

The green-clothed man nodded and spoke, "I'll return as fast as I can, Master Moroz." As Burgermeister closed the black box and placed it back into his pocket, he started walking towards a large, wooden shack. Off the side of this shack was a stables. Burgermeister approached an odd goat-like creature in one of the pens and, unlocking the pen using a brass key, he undid the lock and mounted his steed. The beast was actually rather swift, even in the bitter cold weather of Galacia.

After a few hours of travel, Burgermeister arrived at a quaint little village. Travel had been a little rough on him, so he locked his steed in one of the pens next to the local tavern using the same lock and key as before, then walked inside to have a drink.

The End

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