The Next Stepping Stone

Thoughts of a girl who moves often

Everyone needs a place. A place where they can just be. My place is a bench by a pond with a fountain. This is where I think. Soon this wont be my place anymore. Soon my house will be filled with boxed and I will watch a moving truck pull away from my house once again. I can't complain. This is the longest we've been in one place since I was eight years old. We've been moving around for eight years now. We've been here for three years. I honestly thought I would graduate from here, but, of course, we are moving once again. I don't blame my parents. It is never their choice to move. Life just keeps taking us different places. At first is was just in my hometown. Five different houses in the same city. then we moved to this sweet little country town. It's been nice to get our slice of southern hospitality. Now it's time to go. Time to move on. Pennsylvania is the next stepping stone. I am ready to start all over again. I ready for what junior year brings.

The End

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