Im your new paying guest

The afternoon sun was scorching hot as Brandon ran with the pigskin held under his arm, running and dodging players as he moved one foot every millisecond. He could hear faintly, the voice of the cheerleaders shouting away at a distance but he was only focused  on one thing.. the white line in front of him. Seconds later, he was past that line.....TOUCHDOWN!!! The speakers  blared. The crowd cheered and there was an omnipresent sound of Brandon's name all around the field. Suddenly, a big football came hurling towards and ....WHAP!!

"Get up , Mr. Brandon Andrews !!" shouted Mr.Golter "No sleeping in history class!!" Brandon woke up with a start "uh-huh? what ? where? huh? where are the cheerleaders?" A roar of laughter filled the classroom atmosphere around him.


As she stepped into the corridor, everyone turned to take one glance and some of the nerds, geeks, and wannabes of the lot turned their heads and looked, some even held their stare for a while, she walked past and things seemed to go in slow motion. Her golden brown hair seemed to sparkle in the sunshine coming through the windows. Her light brown eyes had a certain magic in them. She walked to her classroom as her teacher announced," Boys and girls, I would like to introduce to you, your new classmate, Sheena!!”

Sheena looked around the class, chose a place in the corner, and took her seat, some heads did turn, but that was for the fraction of a second.


Seven o'clock in the evening, in the Smithson Avenue. A silhouette appeared near the gate, and the figure moved towards the door and knocked.

Garcia opened the door "who?"

"Uh...actually I'm you new paying guest, Brandon, Mr. Smithson told me...”

"AH! Your here! Good!" Margaret suddenly cut him off and exclaimed, “your bed is upstairs, u can unpack there. “

The next thing he knew, he was fast asleep.

The next morning, the sun was gleaming with its golden rays of happiness through the windows of the Smithson mansion .The room sparkled (thank you Garcia) like it was studded with diamonds, as the rays touched the bed , the alarm rang .


Brandon got up with a start, only to find himself under a couple of sheets and blankets. He lazily tried to find his way to the alarm clock (what a nuisance!) by slithering his hand outside his fortress of blankets and felt around for that hard  metal thing with that annoying bring.

But wait….what was this? He felt something soft, and from his subconscious state he couldn’t even make out a bit. The thing was big and soft. Brandon, out of irritation of the eternal brrrrrriiiiiinnnng of the alarm, and desperate to shut the f**king thing, pushed of all his blankets to see what was coming in his way. Was it a giant soft toy? A dog? Cat? It could be Satan himself and Brandon wouldn’t know. What was this big soft thing??



It was a girl, sound asleep in another blanket.


“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed like a girl. What was a girl doing in HIS bed?? Who WAS this girl? WTF was going on????

The scream woke her up. She looked at Brandon for just the fraction of a second and then the inevitable…




To be continued……………


The End

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