The Next Best Thing

The sun was gleaming on the crystal clear lake near the Smithson’s mansion, California. It couldn’t be enumerated in the category of mansions as such. It was just an old two story villa the size of a mini duplex. But since the name-plate said “Smithson’s Mansion”, we will have to assume it to be one.


Jennifer Smithson was ready with her bags. Mr. and Mrs. Smithson were filled up to the brim with enthusiasm, because Mr. Smith had saved enough from his life savings to buy themselves a house back in their village, a quiet place where nobody could disturb the workaholic species he belonged to. They were all set for a life of great retirement .Yes-sir-ee.


But that didn’t mean they were going to sell off their precious ol’ mansion? Oh, no! They were entrusting it to their niece, Margaret, a divorced woman in their forties, who arrived just as they were packing up. “All set Aunt Jennifer?” enquired Margaret the minute she stepped in with her baggage. “Well, yeah…there’s so much of packing to do, everything’s so hectic, and can you help me with these cartons dear? Actually...”she whispered into Margaret’s ear “I wanted to talk to you about something.” She took Margaret into one bedroom and the both of them came out after a few minutes, Margaret and Jennifer, both looking at each other as if they someone just threw an atom bomb on their faces. Jennifer then excused herself and went to have a bath.


Just then Uncle came through the door with another woman, who seemed to be the youngest of the lot, maybe in her twenties, and announced ,” Margaret, this is our your housemaid Garcia, she has been working for us from the past 2 years and now she is all yours.” Margaret acquainted herself with Garcia and she was just about to discuss the coming night’s dinner when Mr. Smithson took her aside and said, “I want to tell you something Margaret, just between the two of us.” Mr. Smithson then took Margaret aside and told her something after which, Mr. Smithson looked at her as if he had done her a big favor. Margaret said, “But Uncle Smithson….”


“NO BUTS…I have taken this step without telling your aunt as we had a difference in opinion, but I know I am doing this for your own good, and I don’t want any objections.”


Everything from the very next minute was a rush. Mr. Smithson got ready instantly and so did Mrs. Smithson. They both hurried to their car and within a minute, they were gone, leaving behind a very confused Mrs. Smithson.


What WAS it that they had told her anyway?

The End

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