1. You've already heard about Google Maps, Well Folks! there could soon   be a new addition - Goggle Maps, specially designed for people who wear Goggles, that is glasses.

2. A new cereal called Smellies could soon be on the market, so - called because when you open the packet the cereal let's out a horrible smell, but'

:Don't let the pong put you off because Smellies is a terrific cereal, a type of Shreddies with stink bomb gas added to it to make it smell horrible.

3. The pop group 'Dirty Napkins' are set to become the biggest act of all time. 

They've just released a single called 'Falling in Love with a smelly sausage'.

Dirty Napkins are a five piece band who come from Andunder, Hampshire.

The End

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