Unanswered Questions, Unsolved Complications

They were light-colored blue jeans. There was a large rip at the hem of one leg and grass stains everywhere. It looked like she hadn’t even washed them. Trey’s eyes trailed up the pants legs and looked on sadly.

The zipper was broken and the button above it had fallen off. He flipped over the jeans and saw that the back pocket had a huge hole ripped into it. When he was done looking at all the damage he had caused, he buried her jeans under the other clothes and turned away from Holly.

“Why would you do that?” Holly asked, opening her eyes. She knew Trey wouldn’t be answering that question.

“I could go to jail, you know. Even here, Bernard would be happy to get me in jail.”

“I won’t let him.” Holly assured Trey. “I’m not … I’m not pressing charges against you. I love you.”

“I know. But not everyone feels the same way.” He tried to smile at her. “Hell, you didn’t even think that way to begin with.”

Holly got out a real smile and replied, “But I do now. I love you.”

“And I love you.”


The End

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