News He Didn't Need To Hear

Seconds later, Bernard, Ben and Craig walked into the room. “Are you alright, Holly?” Bernard asked nervously. He motioned for Trey to leave.

Trey left slowly, closing the door behind him. “What happened?!” Ben screamed.

“Calm it down some.” Craig said, snickering a little.

Ben took a breath and asked quietly, “What happened? What did you say to him? He …” Ben’s voice trailed for a second, “What did you say to make him choke you like that?”

“I told him about … our daughter.” Holly replied calmly. She winced when Bernard hissed though.

“So it is true?” Bernard said, still hissing. “Did that beast … you know?”

“Yes.” Holly whispered, “But it’s all better now.”

“Really?!” Bernard yelled, throwing up his arms. “Its all better when he chokes you and you live?!”

“No, that’s not it.” Holly continued to whisper.

“Then what exactly is it?!” Bernard asked helplessly. Holly couldn’t blame him though; he had always been like a father to her and this isn’t really the news any father wants to hear.

The End

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