“What?” Holly snapped, “Are you going to die if I say the truth out loud?”

“No.” Trey answered harshly. “Just don’t say it.” There was pain in his voice but not as much as Holly’s.

“Does it … bother you?” Holly whispered, leaning in toward him.

Trey looked at his feet, fumbling with his fingers. “No.” he lied. Badly.

“You did it.” Holly whispered and Trey was on top of her in one of his fast motions again. His hand rested gently on her and she whimpered, “It’s the truth. You got me pregnant.”

“I don’t need to hear the truth on repeat everyday. Seeing you here is bad enough. Remembering what I did to you … everyday … is enough.”

“You’re not the one who was hurt, Trey.”

“But I got hurt because I hurt you.” Liarliarliar.

“You’re lying." Trey glared, letting his anger get the better of him. His fingers reached her neck before she could escape. He started to squeeze and Holly drifted into unconsciousness.

The End

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