We Have A What?!

 “You what?!” Trey screamed in her face. So quickly, in one of his lightning fast movements, he had her pinned down on the picnic table—his hands at her wrists.

“Ow Trey. Just calm down. Please.” Holly whispered, wincing. Trey didn’t release her so she kicked him off her.

Rubbing his head 30 feet away, Trey growled, “If you could not use your super strength that’d be great, sweetie.”

Holly snapped back, “You were on me first.”

“You didn’t have to kick me.”

“And you didn’t have to pin me down.”

Trey got up in her face, glaring so angrily that it frightened her. “Well you didn’t have to tell me you have a baby.”

We have a baby. It’s yours too.” Holly corrected him and he shuddered.

“Please dear god I’m begging you, tell me you’re lying.”

“That would be the lie part. And it’s your fault anyway. You rap—”

Trey cut her off, “Shut up.”

The End

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