The Truth Comes Out

“Okay.” Trey said happily, squeezing her hand. “I had hurt this girl a while ago, not knowing anything about her. But now that we’re talked and hung out, I think … I’m starting to fall in love with her.”

He smiled, happy to get that off his chest. Little did he know, all his happiness was about to be crushed into millions of tiny pieces.

Holly had already calmed herself down abou telling her secret but it felt like her lunch was coming back up. She swallowed a couple times to be sure and took in a very deep breath.

Still, Holly started thinking too hard about Trey’s secret of falling in love with her. It was great and all…

But without thinking, Holly blurted out her secret and watched the shock cross Trey’s face.

“I had a baby before school started.”

The End

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