Secrecy Day

Secrecy Day came two weeks later. Two weeks after rumors of Trey and Holly dating went around. Two weeks after the rumors were confirmed.

Secrecy Day is probably everyone’s favorite day on campus. It’s when you get to learn something about someone you know. And most of the time, all secrets are shockers.

Trey and Holly were hiding out behind the big gym area, sitting at a picnic table. He was sitting on the table while Holly sat on the bench, her head rested against his knee.

Holly turned around to face him, hooking her hands in his. “So, you gonna tell me your secret?” Trey asked before she could and Holly giggled unsurely.

“Umm, you first.” Holly replied. She tried to hide all the worry in her voice. It was going to be difficult to tell Trey this but she had too. Holly took a deep breath, calming herself down as Trey opened his mouth.

The End

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