The Bird

Bernard called each student up, one by one. They each were handed a gold award with a handshake before exiting off the stage. Carrie Azle, Ben Bulliet, Sarah Dawn, Matthew Foremen, Jessica Guller, and Michael Hirsch all made it across the stage without troubles.

Holly, on the other hand, was a different story. She received her award and was exiting before someone threw a drink on her dress. “Get off the stage!” A guy screamed at her.

Holly stood, her dress a mess, with her face reddened and tears threatening to spill over. A couple people at that table laughed and someone else yelled out, “Don’t try to make up stories about our Main Man! We know what you did!”

Bernard got security to throw the guys out but not before Holly ran off the stage. Trey was the next in line and he ran off too without getting his award. Though, when he was standing on the steps of the stage, he flipped the bird to the crowd of students before chasing after Holly out of the building’s double doors.

The End

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