“I knew you wouldn’t kill me.” Holly whispered, sitting back down on her bed. Trey sighed loudly, turning his back on her. He walked slowly back to his bed and sat, staring at the floor.

“I … I could.” He whispered back without looking her in the eye.

“Do it then.” Holly challenged. It was beginning to sound like Trey had a soft spot for her. Or maybe he’s just bipolar. Still, Holly knew she shouldn’t be taunting him like this.

Trey was across the room in a flash and Holly cursed his strengths. She had known he was super strong but he never said anything about fast …

“I’m waiting.” She whispered as Trey leaned into her. His nose was practically touching hers as they stared into each other’s eyes. Energy suddenly coursed through the both of them and it was like … well, exactly what it looked like. The two most powerful people in the world staring into each others’ eyes with powerful glares.

One thing to be sure about: Holly and Trey have some kind of connection … whether they like it or not.

The End

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