The Plan

Holly stood up as well but Trey still seemed like a whole extra person taller than her. “You know, I could tell them that you threatened me.” she whispered, trying to keep the fear from her voice.

“Oh really. You would do that, would you?” Trey taunted.

“Yes.” She said as strongly as possible but her voice cracked a little. “I could tell them all that you threatened to hurt me again if I didn’t tell a lie.”

“Mhmm.” He murmured, cracking his knuckles. “But … what will you tell them if you’re dead?” He whispered the last part, sending a shiver down Holly’s spine.

“I … I … I won’t be.” She tried to glare at him but it was hard to focus.

“Mhmm.” Trey placed his hand around her neck gently. He wasn’t squeezing it or anything but Holly was whimpering.

“Okay … okay. What if I didn’t tell them that?” she whispered, closing her eyes. She wished Trey would just let go without hurting her but the chances were slim because he was pretty angry.

“Mhmm.” He repeated, letting her go. “I like that plan better.”

The End

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