You Don't Know?!

“Now we need to decide how we are going to solve this.” Trey said, his voice still a whisper.

Holly was staring at him in shock. It’s disturbing to see the toughest and biggest guy you know in depression on the bedroom floor. It’s even more disturbing to know you’re what pushed him to go there.

“We need a plan.” He repeated.

“I already told on you.” Holly stated.

Trey looked up at her with dark eyes. “Holly, I swear, I will make your life hell if you don’t come up with a good plan.” He hissed and for the first time ever, though Holly would never admit it, she was frightened of him.

“I … I … I don’t know.”

“Hell has your name on it.” he said viciously. “Wait! I got it!” He glared at her. “You say that you made up the whole story and that your neck was just like that from battle. Which it was. It’s a perfect plan.”


“But nothing.”

“Trey, I don’t know.” Holly said nervously.

Trey stood up slowly, seeming even taller when she was sitting down. “What do you mean, you don’t know?”

The End

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