You're The Stupid One

 “Well, you thought wrong.” Holly snapped, “Because I did. I told them all. And I feel better.”

“You feel better.” Trey scoffed. “Thanks to you, the rest of my life will be ruined because you went overboard about a lunch prank, Holly. Do you not understand what I’m saying to you?!”

“You’re the stupid one.” She whispered.

“Oh please, don’t sink there. I think I’ll die. That’s completely beside the point!”

“Oh I know what the point is, Trey. The point is that everyone needs to know what you did and know that it’s wrong.”

He growled and she jumped. “My life has almost been ruined once! Couldn’t you just spare me this time?!”

“No.” she whispered. “Your life should have been ruined the first time.”

Trey sat on the floor in a heap, his head in his hands. His voice sounded pained as he groaned, “I didn’t kill Marc. We were battling. He died in battle, okay? Marc … I didn’t kill him, okay?” He was pleading with her now and he looked up into her eyes. “I didn’t kill him.”

“Okay.” Holly whispered sadly.

The End

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