Trey was fuming when Holly walked into the room. He had been pacing back and forth but he stopped in the middle when she entered.

“I can’t believe you.” he hissed.

“Why? All I did was tell the truth.”

“What about our agreement? What about forgetting all about it?” he started to raise his voice then lowered it. He knew tons of people probably were trying to listen in.

“I … I was in the moment. And I was mad because you let Pete and Spencer make fun of me.”

“Sh*t! They were just playing around.”

“Yeah but you didn’t stop them.”

“I didn’t think I needed to.”

“Don’t lie to me, Trey. You saw how angry I was. You shouldn’t have let the guys make fun of me when you knew I had tons of dirt on you.”

“I didn’t actually think you’d spill it. In front of everyone at lunch!” He ran his hands through his hair as she sat down on her bed slowly.

The End

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