Father Figure

 “No. Not that word, Spencer.” Holly said with a small laugh.

“Just skip that part then.” Ben offered.

“No, I can’t just skip it. Its rape. Okay? Rape. Trey raped me.”

This time neither of the guys said anything. They were just staring in shock at Holly. Suddenly, Bernard popped in.

“Hello.” He said sweetly. “I couldn’t … I couldn’t help but overhear.” His voice was friendly, controlled.

“Um, yes.” Ben said, still staring at Holly.

“Well, I’m glad you did.” Spencer told Bernard. “I was so lost.”

“Thanks for your help, boys.” Bernard gave them each a nod. “But I’d like to speak with Holly alone if you don’t mind.” His voice was still sickly sweet. “And get that boy back to his room if you can.” He added on before they left, “Go with him if you like.” The guys nodded before heading back to the lunch area.

“Sir.” Holly whispered, looking at the ground.

“Oh Holly.” He said sadly. He pulled her into a warm hug like any father figure would. And it was just what Holly needed.

The End

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