Bad Guessing

“Well, start explaining.” Ben said as calmly as he could. On the inside, he was shaking like a drunken man.

Holly eyed Trey, Pete and Spencer.

“Why don’t you guys let the three of us talk for a while? Go back to your lunch.”

Pete and Spencer walked off angrily but Trey stayed put. “You are not gonna tell me what to do, Ben.” He snapped. “I stay where I wanna stay. You got me? I’m da main man here. Always will be.”

“Not too sure.” Pete murmured from behind him. He started pulling Trey back toward the lunch area, leaving Holly, Ben and Craig alone.

“This is … kind of awkward.” Holly whispered once they were alone.

“Why?” Craig asked. He and Ben sounded so sincere now. So sweet. They must really care about her.

“Um …” Holly laughed ashamedly, “I sort of … met Trey before I came here. I was in the woods alone when he came up behind me and … and …” her voice trailed off. “I can’t say it.”

Ben encouraged her with a hand squeeze.

“That bad four letter word.” She gave them a hint.

Spencer guessed, “Damn?”

The End

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