“What the hell happened to you?” Pete asked.

Spencer was speechless along with Ben. Craig was staring at her neck, his eyes trailing over all the damage.

“What happened, Holly?” Trey asked along with the guys. He was trying to play the part of being surprised along with them but he wasn’t doing the best job. His question came out in a hiss.

“Someone did this to me.” Holly whispered. She hadn’t yet looked at Trey.

“But you’re supposed to be the one that heals the faster.” Craig mumbled.

“Someone was stronger than me.”

Ben snarled, glaring toward Trey. “You did this to her?! What the hell is your problem, man?!”

“Wait.” Pete asked, “How do you know it was him?”

“He’s the only person stronger than her.” Ben was still glaring. Unfortunately, he didn’t have that kind of strength.

“Can we … uh talk about this without everyone staring?” Holly interrupted as the guys became aware of all the eyes on them.

“Let’s go.” Ben whispered, grabbing her hand as they left the lunch area.

The End

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