Apparently, the guys were done joking around. Craig changed the subject, asking, “Why are you wearing a hoodie? It’s hot.”

Trey stiffened and glared at Holly. He was begging with his eyes not to say anything. Even these guys would be disturbed about Trey beating up a girl. “I’m um … cold.” She lied badly and it was obvious.

Trey hissed under his breath, knowing she was doing this on purpose. “Yeah,” he said, “Holly’s got a nasty cold. Don’t get sick, Ben.” Ben reddened.

“Actually, my cold is a bit worse than Trey is saying. It’s a very ugly-colored kind of cold.” Holly continued. Trey stomped on her foot and she yelped quietly.

“Holly, that doesn’t make any sense.” Craig stated and Ben nodded slowly.

“Oh I know. Maybe I should just show you.”

Trey stepped down harder and Holly clenched her teeth fiercely. He was shifting all his weight onto her foot and she tried not to scream.

Still, slowly and happily, Holly pulled off the B-L-U-E hoodie and the guys, including Pete and Spencer, gasped loudly.

The End

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