Holly’s voice was hard. “No, I am not easy.” She was trying to stay calm.

“Hey now, just sit and calm down. I wouldn’t want you to get too angry now. Don’t want you to blow up or anything. Then again, isn’t blowing your specialty?” Pete continued laughing, slapping high-fives with Trey and Spencer.

“Guys, come on!” Ben yelled. He was loud enough to get all the other people outside listening in. “Where the hell are you getting this from?!”

“I don’t have to deal with you guys.” Holly hissed viciously. “Knowing I could kill you all in seconds just brings me joy. I could take off these glasses right here and you’d be dead within seconds.” She turned to leave but Trey’s voice stopped her.

“Don’t want Bernard to know you broke his rules, do ya?”

“Shut up, Trey.”

“Fine, fine. Leave and get in trouble.” Holly sat back down slowly, still glaring under her glasses. Trey was lucky for now but once they got back to the room, he was a dead man. Hopefully, she could kill him at least.

The End

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