Holly No HOLY F*ck

“But aren’t you gonna tell us any secrets?” Spencer pressed.

“What are you talking about?” Holly asked suspiciously, eyeing Trey. His face was giving away nothing yet though.

“Oh nothing. I guess you don’t understand. I didn’t think you would anyway.” He shrugged off the topic in a way he knew would annoy Holly. She hated being left out of something. She was already glaring under her glasses.

“No, Spencer. What are you talking about?”

“I was … just going to ask you …” he looked at Trey and Trey nodded with a laugh, “If you’ve gotten any ass yet.”

Holly stood up quickly, making her lunch splatter. The three started laughing while Ben and Craig looked on silently. “Have I gotten any what?” she snarled.

“Oh you heard me, Holly. So are you really a Holly? Or maybe … you need more of a slutty name.” Spencer stated.

“You are easy, aren’t you?” Pete asked, still laughing.

“Shut up, guys.” Craig hissed under his breath as Holly reddened.

The End

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