Holly rolled her eyes. “We need a final decision. How about neither of our groups of friends?”

“Hell no.” Trey snapped quickly. “We sit with the guys because we both know it annoys you when your friends drool at me.” He smiled triumphantly, knowing Holly wouldn’t disagree because he was right. “Now … about your neck.” He said nervously.

“I don’t have a big hoodie.”

“Do you have make-up to cover it up?”

“That woman took my make-up on the first day. And even if I had it, it couldn’t cover up all this.” She motioned at her throat and Trey winced. He would never admit it but this conversation made him uncomfortable.

“Fine. Let me see if I have a hoodie.”

“I’m wearing blue. Like the sky. B-L-U-E.” She spelled for him with a giggle.

Trey looked through the drawers that were made under the bed and grumbled, “I’m not stupid. I know, I know.”

“One could argue against that.” Holly whispered with another giggle. It seemed like they both had forgotten about everything that happened yesterday.

For now.

The End

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