Your Hands

“No. It’s not what you think. Holly, calm down.” Trey tried to reason. He held up his hands but she was already running toward him. She slammed him into the wall behind the desk, punching and kicking him hard.

“Your … your fucking silver watch!” she shouted, punching his nose. “Your hands on me! Your hands choking me! Your hands pulling down my jeans! Those were my favorite jeans! And it was your hands!”

She continued to hit him and then they rolled around and wrestled to the floor. But when Holly was beneath him, Trey held her down.

“Your hands … you … raped … me.”

Trey didn’t let her up off the ground as she started sobbing loudly. It is a scary sight to see the worlds worst predator balling like a baby. And it is even scarier knowing that you caused her to cry like that.

“I … can’t … believe … it.” She whispered. All Trey could manage to do was stare at her with sad eyes. “Why? Why did you do that to me?”

He couldn’t answer but it didn’t sound like Holly really wanted one. She kept on crying.

The End

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