It Was You

Holly continued, kind of murmuring to herself, “I should be able to kill you. I can kill everyone else in this world … but you. But I couldn’t kill that guy in the woods either … he was stronger than me …” Her voice trailed off again and Trey knew she had made the connection. “Unless … that guy was you.”

Trey didn’t answer her, looking at his shoes.

“It was you.” she said, her voice almost inaudible. “Wasn’t it?”

“It was me what? What? It wasn’t me, Holly.” But he wouldn’t look her in the eye.

“Come here.” She whispered.


“I said come here.” Trey got up slowly and crossed the room toward Holly. He wasn’t sure what she was going to do until she reached into his pocket, pulling out the watch before he could stop her. Holly slammed the watch to the floor and it shattered into pieces. “No.” she whispered, a hand over her mouth. “No … no, no, no, no. You … you did that to me?” he could barely hear her. “You raped me?”

The End

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