Healing Troubles

Bernard wasn’t one to use his powers like that. He normally was the heplful one. He was the one that always showed kindness but he never did answer Holly’s question.

He simply said, “Tomorrow is the Together Lunch. I want you both to attend it. Together.”

“You can’t possibly be asking me to be with him?” Holly exclaimed.

“Not like that. Same table is all I ask. You two can discuss which one. And I repeat, for Trey’s benefit, no more fighting today. Holly, you haven’t yet healed.”

“I’m fine.” She disagreed.

“Your neck.” He hissed before leaving the room.

“Damn it, Trey. You left a mar—” her voice broke off as she stormed to look in the bathroom’s mirror. “Oh my god!” she screamed. “I’m going to kill you.”

Trey sighed loudly. He knew this was coming but he wished it had come at different timing or just not at all. Now he had to deal with it. He walked into the bathroom after Holly, trying to look innocent but it was impossible.

The End

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