Just Listen

“Nothing. Round two?” Trey whispered.

“Just … give me a second.” Holly stood up slowly, taking deep even breaths.

As she prepared herself, Trey thought about how he could beat her. If they were going to battle with their minds, he needed some type of memory that would torture her but the only one was her rape scene.

And he didn’t want that on repeat in her mind. She might start to connect all the pieces of the puzzle. Trey sighed and began, “Ready? One. Two—”

Bernard walked in before they could start fighting. “Stop.” He barked sharply. Trey and Holly turned to face Bernard, his face ashen. “No more battling for today.”

“Why?” Trey asked. He rolled his eyes, knowing he really might not have the upper hand in the fight. Still, he wanted to battle.

“I believe you know why Trey. Don’t make me explain it out loud.” Bernard was glaring intensely at Trey, probably looking back through his thoughts.

“You were listening in on us?” Holly asked in shock while Trey cursed under his breath.

The End

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