Silver Watch

Trey watched the scene from a tree in the dark woods. Holly was being chased by an unknown person. He was running faster than she was and he quickly caught her, pulling her to the forest floor.

Holly screamed loudly but a rough hand locked around her neck as the other hand pulled down her jeans. It was pitch-black but Trey was able to see it all because of the silver shine of the guy’s watch …

Suddenly, Holly pushed Trey out of her memory, tears flowing down her face. “You insensitive jerk!” she screamed at him.

“Oops.” He laughed and then seriously asked, “How’d you get me out?”

“I shoved you out. I’ve been practicing that but it takes a lot of energy.” And she did look tired. Holly leaned back against her bed, wiping the tears and sweat from her face. Randomly, Trey hissed under his breath, turning away from her.

“What?” Holly asked him in alarm but he shrugged his shoulders. With his back turned, he slipped off his silver watch and put it in his pocket.

The End

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