The Memories

“What? I won. Don’t throw a damn fit. You ready for Round two?” Trey shrugged his shoulders.

“That wasn’t fair!” Holly continued to scream. “You can’t win like that!”

“So I found your weakness. Don’t get so mad about it, Holly.”

“Don’t act so damn innocent. You choked me.” Her voice cracked a little and she cursed it.

“What’s wrong with that, Holly? I won. Deal with it. Can’t take losing, huh Holly?” She didn’t answer him and Trey sighed loudly. “Fine, I’ll do it the hard way then.”

Without warning, he entered her mind with a power they had been taught. It’s very difficult to get someone out once they’re in so Holly pouted as Trey searched through her mind mentally.

He was just going through casually until he found something hidden deep in a corner. He could hear Holly begging him no but he ignored her feelings, like always. Slowly, he jumped into her memory of darkness …

The End

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