He tried to break from Holly’s glare. He wrapped one hand around her throat and her glare stopped. His fingers tightened around her neck and she started struggling as he lifted her off the floor.

It wasn’t that painful for Holly but it sure pissed her off. She kicked at Trey and pulled on whatever her fingers felt. It started with his hair. Holly gripped at his hair as his fingers tightened more and more around her neck.

Her body started convulsing and Holly growled. She leaned her head back and opened her mouth as much as she could, gasping, “Stop … please.” Trey squeezed his large fingers around her small neck once more before dropping her to the floor.

“I win.” He smirked as she continued to gasp. She just needed a second to get her strength back. Healing quickly had always come in handy.

Holly glared up at Trey, holding the side of her neck. It wasn’t really hurting anymore but she wanted Trey to feel bad … though she knew he wouldn’t. “What the hell?!” she screamed at him but he seemed unbothered.

The End

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