Trey spread his large arms out and reached for Holly, laughing loudly. “Don’t touch me, Trey. Are we … are we going to battle or what?” She asked to get him to keep his hands to himself.

“What.” He whispered with another smirk.

Then he pushed his hands to the floor making Holly fall on her back. She got up quickly, kicking him in a spin but he stopped her. Trey slammed her body into the wall and pressed his close. His hands trapped her wrists above her head and then it turned into a staring contest, or really, a glaring contest.

Holly’s green-eyed stare was beating Trey’s blue eyes no matter how hard he tried to win. She began to burn him for the inside and he growled harshly. He was beginning to get frustrated even though he still had somewhat of an upper hand with Holly pinned to the wall. Trey could only think of one other option left.

The End

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