No No No

“I thought they would never leave.” Holly whispered, cutting off her glare at Trey. “That woman is annoying.”

Trey shook his head of dark brown spikes and said, “I frenched her once. She’s not that bad.”

“Ugh, you are such a pig.”

“Yes.” He laughed, “Yes I am. Now, are we going to fight?” He stood up, muscles rolling off every part of his body.

“What? No. No. Hell no.” Holly bit her lip, drawing blood. No matter, she healed pretty quickly—for the most part.

“What? Why not? Are you afraid?” He taunted, flexing his massive muscles.

“No.” she snapped too fast and he laughed. “I just don’t wanna.” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“We’ll ask Bernard then.” Holly looked down at the floor as Bernard entered the room. He was one of the most important people to her and she wasn’t going to risk killing him.

Besides, normally she’d be able to look at him with her special glasses but they were worn out. “Hello Holly, I brought you some new glasses.” Bernard told her. “I just needed to see your smile.”

The End

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