So-called School

"What about Bernard? Will he watch them battle?” The man asked hopefully but she just rolled her eyes.

“Possibly. But even he wouldn’t enjoy seeing that. Holly is too much of a daughter to him. He would never be able to stand watching her battle.”

“He wouldn’t? Even if it is helping her strength?”

“Of course not. We all know Trey’s strength.” She bowed her head and whispered silently, “Rest in peace, Marc.” The man bowed his head in respect as well before they closed off the glass, leaving Holly and Trey in private.

The steel room wasn’t the best place to be at the moment. All there was inside was two beds pushed to opposite walls along with two chairs and a long desk. There was a door to a bathroom but really no way to leave unless someone unlocked a door in the corner for them. And Bernard had the key.

It made their room like a prison, just adding to the horrid fact that they were spending their sentence “school-time” together.

The End

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