“Are you sure he’s the only exception?” a white-coated man asked the women next to him. They were standing outside Holly and Trey’s shared room, looking in through a glass window. Holly and Trey were seated across the room, glaring intensely at each other. So focused on overpowering the other’s stare, neither moved when Trey’s silver watch clicked randomly.

“We triple checked.” The women replied, “She can’t kill him. Can’t you see … don’t you know how long they’ve been staring at each other?”

“Well, can’t he kill her?”

The women hissed sharply, “We have not tested that.” She received a wide-eyed stare from the man until she controlled her voice. “Her glare is a bit stronger than his but they haven’t actually … battled.”

“Will they?”

“Not yet.”

“Yet?!” he asked excitedly.

“Rest assured, when they do, you and everyone else will not be present.” She eyed him suspiciously and he sighed loudly, disappointed.

The End

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