The New World's Worst Predator

This so-called new world was just like the last in many hidden ways. In this world, strength meant everything important. Like before, the weak were cast aside and the strong were what mattered. Neal Bernard made sure of it all. He created a school of some sort, put in place to perfect the strong.

Holly Marie was one of the strongest. Holly was the worlds worst predator (was being the key word). She could kill with the flick of her wrist or the simple toss of her short, brown curls over her shoulder. The worst that could happen though was a glare from her hauntingly beautiful green eyes.

That was, until she met Trey Parke and her horrid glare wasn’t exactly the worst anymore. His powers matched up with her, creating some kind of unknown chemistry. There was still one very difficult part to uncover though. It was the fact that Holly could kill every person in the world except for him.

The End

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