Marcus, My Lair

 I went to sit down on my old red settee that had seen it's days, and had already lived all of them. But I thought it fit well in my abode. As well as the settee, I also had a red rug that matched the colour of the settee. The floor was wooden and varnished and quite comfortable to walk on.

 Upon that floor was also a coffee table which was almost breaking because of the weight of the bits and bobs that I had put on it. And that was about it for that room. My house wasn't very full or very luxurious, but luxury was just that-- luxury. Expecially for a vampire. I could-- and have-- slept on the floor of a forest all through the night, and it felt completely comfortable.

 I was about to start to read when a knock on the door startled me. I almost jumped. I should've heard them approaching. I whirled around in time to see the girl that I had saved walk into my lair. I frowned.

 "Can I help you? And how did you get in?" I said politely, even though she had jsut broken into my property. She seemed embarrassed.

 "I wanted to thank you properly. Plus, your door was open. That's a bad idea." She warned.

 "I'm sure it is for...some people, but I can handle anything that comes through that door."

 "I'm sure you can." She said dazily staring at the muscles in my arm. I moved it out of her vision and waved to get her attention. It looked as if she'd been taken out of a hypotist's trance. She shook her head.

 "Um...Oh yeah, now I remember. I know. I know what you are; I know that no human can move like that. But I also know that vampires can." She smiled as if she'd caught me doing something wrong. I kinda was; living as a dead person. You couldn't get more wrong. But humans weren't allowed to know of vampires. Rule III-- human can know...

 This was bad.

The End

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