Marcus, It's Okay

 I was walking home moodily, storming towards my lair. Yeah, I know what you're thinking- the fact that I have  lair doesn't make me seem very good. But no, this lair is full of high-tech gadgets for killing the scum that suck on the life force of this planet.

 I snarled angrily before hearing a scream come from an alley behind the abandoned block of flats that I was passing. I frowned and walked briskly towards the terrified screeching sound. It was a girl- I could tell from the pitch of her scream, and she was definitely in trouble.

 I turned a corner, and I saw what was there. It wasn't what I expected; no vampires or demons. It was just a mugging. A group of about five men were crowded around a young couple who were whimpering on the ground.

 "Take what you want, but please don't hurt us!" the woman screamed, finally managing to get an articulated sentence out.

 "I always wanted a motorbike." I said, making myself known. "Oh, but you weren't talking to me, were you? Oh, well as long as I'm here-" I set off fighting the muggers. I kicked out with my feet, hitting one's head, and then I executed a perfect roundhouse kick to another, throwing them halfway across the alleyway. I jumped in the air, spinning around, and threw my leg out in a martial arts way. My foot encountered not one, but two heads as it passed two of the muggers. Everyone but me and the victims was unconscious. I smiled warmly as I lifted the woman's bag to give it to her.

 "Not thanks needed." I stated before disappearing into my lair.

The End

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